Tiny Tour Demo 2015

by Cautious Beverly

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Recorded Fall '14- Spring '15
by Eric, Roddy, and David

Music by Eric, Roddy, and David
Lyrics by David and Roddy

Photo by Emily Jean


released May 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Cautious Beverly Chattanooga, Tennessee

Loud mom rock from Chattanooga, TN

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Track Name: Medicine Man / Goodbye John
Tuesday's your trip to the medicine man,
When you get there, he won't even stand,
But be sure you take everything from his hand
Phone in a favor, make things real,
The pieced together heart that you might wanna steal,
Make him an offer, he can't refuse a good deal.

The lock that you broke your dad's key in,
That could be the hidden root of your sin,
But look for the treasure deep down within

Whatever happened to your dog,
The one that was always tagging along?
Whatever happened to your family,
The one that you thought you would really need?

Goodbye John, whatever happened to you?
Whatever happened to you?
Whatever happened?
Track Name: Christmas Eve
I had my first lucid dream,
Superheroes up my sleeves,
Floating softly off the ground,
Backwards, forwards, up then down.

Finding the time again to lose all of my friends,
And I don't have a clue what to think about you,
Dishes piling in the sink, I don't have the time to think,
All of this is falling down to a pile on the ground

I'm a little out of line,
Just let me whine,
I'm a little out of line,
By January 2nd I'll be fine

Giving cold shoulders, I can lift boulders,
Only when I am asleep (only when the puppies peep)
I don't have the right to talk, I can't deal with shuttle shock,
Chronic pain is not funny for those who have to deal with it

I'm a little out of line,
Just let me whine,
I'm a little out of line,
By January 2nd I'll be fine

I'm a little out of line,
I'm a little out of line
(All my friends are sneaking out
while Santa is asleep)
Track Name: Slumber Party
Slumber party at your friend's downtown,
Walk on the doorstep, better talk yourself down,
Call your mom, when you walk in,
You know everyone is gonna see your sin

Come on, save me,
You know you can't make me scared,
Only more stupid

Grab a beer, sit yourself down,
In a moldy armchair, pretty girls around,
Call your dad bout halfway through,
Listen to him lecture the hell out of you

Come on, save me,
You know you can't make me scared,
Only more stupid
Track Name: Lift Up
You thought that you could stomach the potion
but you just ended up alone.
He has left you to sail the ocean.
Do you really think that he'd pick up the phone?

Disaster is really the bad joke that
you don't quite know how to use.
You thought that it would give you everything,
but now you've got nothing left to lose.

The left corner of your mouth,
is saying things your right would never let out
The left valve in your heart,
is making your blood set apart
Track Name: Paint by Letter
Your alpha moves in subtle ways,
Lick your finger turn the page,
Fill the hole with baggage claims,
Sky eyeballs scream your name,
In your corner of the world,
Black mold is stirring in the basement,
The medicine is wearing off,
And now you need entertainment.

Your omega is coming in red hot,
Every corner trapped and caught,
Wear your lemons, crawl in bed,
Ignore the pain inside your head,
Whatever keeps you here,
Is the chemical equivalent of all of your fears.

Making something big out of nothing
Track Name: Seven Veils
You once had a best friend,
Turns out now, he's an awfully adjusted man,
You once had a good plan,
It got lost in the chaos when the world dealt you a bad hand

You were born resilient,
That's a nasty habit you get from your dad's side of the family,
You wake up in a garden,
Where the grass grows to your knees,
And your brothers teach you to hate everything that you see

To make things right,
You're willing, you're waiting, you're prepared,
To do the one thing that makes you . . .